UCI LGBT Resource Center

David Bohnett Cyber Center

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The CyberCenter provides LGBTQIA+ community and their allies with the resources to further meet the primary academic mission of the university. These workstations allow students, staff, faculty members, and researchers easy, accessible technology in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.

The computers and other resources provided by the David Bohnett Foundation increase our ability to sustain and develop community; the person-to-person connection with the added technology interface. We are very grateful to the Foundation for their generous support!

About the David Bohnett Cyber Center Project

In 1998, David Bohnett provided the funding for the creation of a CyberCenter at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

David's vision was that the CyberCenter would offer educational, research, and recreational opportunities to the local gay and lesbian community via access to the Internet. He believed that the CyberCenter should provide a full range of Internet and business software available for business and personal computing as well as community education and training through classes on software use and the Internet.The CyberCenter was soon the most popular destination at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and has provided a well designed "blue-print" for successful facilities nationwide.