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Current Programs & Events

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The LGBT Resource Center provides a variety of programs and events for the community at UC Irvine!

Some programs you may see at the LGBTRC:


A discussion group for those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender questioning. A great space to learn more, get resources, and connect with others in the trans community.


Queer, transgender, Black, Indigenous, people of color, or QTBIPOC nights is a space for those who identify as a person of color and part of the LGBTQ+ community. Discussions range from wellness and healing, to social media and movies, to activism on campus and more.

Lavendar Lunches

Lavendar lunches are a drop-in space focused on activities and topics of mental health, healing, support, and self care, in collaboration with the UCI Counseling Center!

Stay Woke

Stay Woke is a community knowledge sharing event, focused on the community coming together to discuss current news topics or other important topics. No one person knows everything, knowledge is meant to be shared, and together we can stay connect and informed about multiple issues, communities, and what is happening around the world.

One Foot Out: Coming Out Group *Fall Quarter only*

One Foot Out is a discussion group for anyone who is currently questioning their identity around the LGBTQ+ spectrums, newly out with their LGBTQ+ identity(s), and/or for anyone who is new to the LGBT community as a whole or here at UCI. Connect with others and take that first step to being connected and involved with the LGBT community and the UCI LGBTRC.

QT Book Club

Come together to read some LGBTQ+ literature with community! Check out our instagram to find out the book of the quarter!
Fall22: "Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller
Winter23: "Cemetery Boys" by Aiden Thomas

Late Nights

Late Nights is a social event for the community to come together for fun! Art projects, movies, games, and lots more!


Gayming is a social program for folks to come together and play some games together! Plenty of board games, video games, and more for folks to relax and hang out with community.

For the current LGBTRC programs and event schedule, please check our front page!

If you have any questions contact Deejay Brown and Ash Preston via email.

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Past Guest Knowledge-Speakers

Image of flyer for past event for speaker Bien Ver

Bien Ver

Yoga, Movement, and Play

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Image of flyer for past event for speaker Bri Serrano

Bri Serrano

QTBIPOC Excellence in Higher Education

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Image of flyer for past event for speaker Lydia-Carlie Tilus

Lydia-Carlie Tilus

Breathing, Self-Massage, and Body Work

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Image of flyer for past event for speaker Romyn Wonder

Romyn Wonder

Leather Talk with Mr. SoCal Leather 2020

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