UCI LGBT Resource Center

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Section 1

These bathrooms are ALL PERSON, ALL ACCESS BATHROOMS made available for ALL members of the UCI community!

We recognize that there are members of our community who are transgender, non-binary, or fluid in their gender identity and/or gender expression who prefer a unisex style restroom. We recognize we have parents in our community who may need to accompany a child into the restroom. We want to provide these GNB for members of our community who use a wheelchair or need to be accompanied by an attendant or who need to accommodate a service/helper animal. There are members of our communities of faith that may need to use the privacy provided by a GNB in preparation for prayer. The GNB facilities are For ALL of our community members. Here at UCI we are striving to create accommodations for our wonderfully diverse students, staff, and faculty and their individual needs. At UCI we care about ALL of the members that comprise our rich community. 


The LGBTRC has been working since 2009 to create these gender inclusive facilities across campus for our students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  We are proud to have more than 200 bathrooms spread over our UCI, many of which are accessible to the public*.  


For a specific list of bathroom locations, click here.

For a map with a check-box overlay that shows locations on a map, click here.

For Gender inclusive Housing options on campus, click here.

Many additional bathrooms have been converted to be Gender Inclusive, but they are located in private areas.

Ex: Dormitory spaces that are for the sole use of renters.