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Queer Studies Minor

The Program in Gender and Sexualities Studies offers a minor in Queer Studies, providing students with an opportunity to study sexuality as a complex historical and cultural formation, rather than merely a feature of intimacy or an outcome of universal and unchanging biological forces. UCI’s minor was established in 2005, and is one of a growing number of similar degrees being offered at universities and colleges internationally.

Queer Studies scholarship addresses a number of central questions:

  • What constitutes the history of sexuality? 

  • How is gender related to sexuality? 

  • How are cultural norms of sexuality linked to assumptions about the proper desires and capacities of bodies? 

  • How is sexuality linked to processes of racialization? By what means and to what ends is sexuality policed?

Queer Studies is a relatively new field, emerging in the 1990s. It draws upon concepts and methods from anthropology, history, geography, psychology, sociology, literature, philosophy, political theory, biology, art, and art history, religious studies, science and technology studies, performance studies, and visual studies. Queer Studies focuses on the study of how norms are produced and come to be taken for granted, and, conversely how they are destabilized either through their own internal contradictions or through the interventions of activists seeking social justice. Thus the field shares intellectual affinities with the interdisciplinary fields of women's studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, critical legal studies, and cultural studies.

Campus Resources

Gender Inclusive Restrooms (See under Campus Support)

UCI has several gender neutral bathrooms (all person, all access) around campus. The gender neutral bathrooms are for ALL of our community members at UCI.


Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE) serves as a resource for issues related to healthy relationships, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, sexual violence, gender issues and personal safety.

Health Education Center

The mission at UCI Health Education is to improve the health of students by reducing risk for injury and illness, and to equip the UCI community with the necessary knowledge and skills to support that goal. The Health Education Center also provides free, anonymous HIV testing for all students, faculty, and staff at UCI.

Student Health Center

Student Health Center (SHC) is a comprehensive outpatient clinic staffed with licensed primary care physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses certified in college health, mental health professionals, a certified Physician Assistant, a registered Nurse Practitioner, and a registered Dietitian. 

Student Health offers basic radiology and clinical laboratory services, insurance consultation, plus an on-site pharmacy to make this a comprehensive and convenient service to students.

Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center is concerned with issues facing the entire University community and provide services throughout the campus. Center staff provides individual counseling services, consultation, and workshops to campus student organizations, academic departments, and other University offices. In addition, the Counseling Center provides group counseling for a variety of different groups and issues, including groups for LGBT students, both undergraduate and graduate.

The Counseling Center also offers the LGBTQ Mentoring Program. The hallmark of the LGBTQ Mentoring Program is a trusting, confidential, one-on-one relationship between the mentee and an LGBTQ mentor. This relationship provides a venue for the mentee to explore many issues regarding sexual orientation or gender identity in a safe, non-judgemental, supportive, and enpowering environment. Mentors help LGBTQ students to live fuller, happier, and more productive lives.

Link to this program and to apply to be a mentor or mentee

Career Center

The Career Center provides a variety of career-related resources for students, faculty, and staff. These include career counseling, workshops, career fairs, and job listings.


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Off-Campus Life 

Orange County

Queer life in Orange County centers around Laguna Beach. The Koffee Klatch on PCH is a good place to start. West Street Beach is also a popular hangout in the summer. Costa Mesa has the Tin Lizzie Saloon. Christ Church of Laguna in Lake Forest is a non-denominational, LGBT affirming church.

Long Beach

Long Beach is the fifth largest city in California and home to a vibrant gay community. It's only 25 minutes from UC Irvine during non-rush hour times. There are many bars and clubs as well as LGBT run businesses and a community center. The Library, a popular coffeehouse, is a good starting point. Executive Suite hosts ladies night on Saturdays and Ripples has a weekly drag show.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is approximately 40 miles from Irvine (under an hour in good traffic). Most of queer Los Angeles centers in the neighborhoods of West Hollywood and Silver Lake. The Abbey and A Different Light Bookstore are popular destinations in WeHo along with Akbar in Silver Lake.

San Diego

San Diego is approximately 84 miles from Irvine (1 hr 20 mins). Queer San Diego centers in the neighborhood of Hillcrest. Grad students have recommended Bourbon Street, Lei Lounge, Flicks, and Numbers in Hillcrest. The adventurous go "au naturale" at Black's Beach near UCSD.

Palm Springs

Palms Springs is a popular desert resort that's only 93 miles from UC Irvine (1-2 hours). It's great place to visit for the weekend or for spring break and a good place to avoid in the summer unless you're willing to risk melting in the desert sun.