SZ Advanced

Safe Zone Advanced

Safe Zone Advanced is a new program for current Safe Zone Allies who wish to get more involved in the LGBT community. Safe Zone Advanced offers allies the opportunity to learn more about current LGBT communities, go more in depth into the communities within the LGBT umbrella. Allies will learn more about the Bisexual and Transgendered communities, as well as queer people of color.

Please Note: You must have completed basic Safe Zone training before participating in a Safe Zone Advanced course!

Safe Zone Advanced will offer four different courses for Allies:

  • Comprehensive Safe Zone Advanced-Covers a litany of LGBTQ+ issues 
  • Beyond the Umbrella: Trans Issues - Goes in depth into transgender issues. This course will be offered once a year.
  • Beyond the Binary: Bisexuality and Fluidity - Goes in depth into issues of bisexuality and the fluidity of gender and sexual orientation. Addresses stereotypes of bisexuality and challenges the notion of sexual orientation being either homosexual or heterosexual. This course will be offered once a year.
  • All the Colors of the Rainbow: Queer People of Color - Goes in depth into the issues that people of color face within the LGBT community. This course will be offered once a year.

Training Dates:

  • See Registration Page for options.

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