UCI LGBT Resource Center

Programs and Events

Signature Events

Queer & Ally New Student Orientation at the LGBTRC

The Queer & Ally New Student Orientation serves as an opportunity for students new to UCI to meet and interact with other students, staff, and faculty at the LGBTQ+ Resource Center as well as provide a brief introduction to social justice work and activism.

Quarterly Dances at the LGBTRC

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center hosts one dance per quarter in order to bring our queer and ally community together in celebration of our diverse identities and intersectionality.

End of the Year Celebration - Lavender Graduation

The End of Year Celebration & Lavender Graduation is an annual event that recognizes and honors the accomplishments of the LGBTRC, our student employees, groups, and our allies along with the contributions of community service, leadership and academic achievement of graduating LGBTQIA+ students.

Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating our various accomplishments throughout the 2016-2017 year.