UCI LGBT Resource Center

Student Orgs.

Section 1

All student organizations meet within the LGBTQ+ Resource Center (Student Center G301) at the times designated below.

Black Queer Collective (BQC)

Wednesday 5-7PM

A social and cultural group for LGBTQ+ identified, black, and African American students to challenge hetero-normative, transphobic, and homophobic practices within the Black community while critiquing the neglect of the Black experience within the queer community.

Irvine Queers (IQ)

Wednesday 7-9PM

A safe and inclusive space to enhance and promote the queer and ally experience at UC Irvine and the surrounding community.

La Familia (LaFa)

Tuesday 3-4:30PM

A cultural, social, and political support group for Latinx, Chicanx LGBTQ+ students. As a branch of MECHA, La Familia addresses queer issues specific to the Latinx/Chicanx community.

Queer & Asian (Q&A)

Thursday 5-6:30PM

A group for LGBTQ+ students who identify as Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander to discuss the difficulties of their intersectionality and well as challenge homophobia, heteronormativity, and transphobia within the community.