On Campus Support


Gender Neutral Bathrooms
UCI has several gender neutral bathrooms (all person, all access) around campus. The gender neutral bathrooms are for ALL of our community members at UCI.


Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE) serves as a resource for issues related to healthy relationships, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, sexual violence, gender issues and personal safety.


Health Education Center
The mission at UCI Health Education is to improve the health of students by reducing risk for injury and illness, and to equip the UCI community with the necessary knowledge and skills to support that goal. The Health Education Center also provides free, anonymous HIV testing for all students, faculty, and staff at UCI.


Student Health Center
Student Health Center (SHC) is a comprehensive outpatient clinic staffed with licensed primary care physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses certified in college health, mental health professionals, a certified Physician Assistant, a registered Nurse Practitioner, and a registered Dietitian.

Student Health offers basic radiology and clinical laboratory services, insurance consultation, plus an on-site pharmacy to make this a comprehensive and convenient service to students.


Counseling Center
The Counseling Center is concerned with issues facing the entire University community and provide services throughout the campus. Center staff provides individual counseling services, consultation, and workshops to campus student organizations, academic departments, and other University offices. In addition, the Counseling Center provides group counseling for a variety of different groups and issues, including groups for LGBT students, both undergraduate and graduate.


Career Center
The Career Center provides a variety of career-related resources for students, faculty, and staff. These include career counseling, workshops, career fairs, and job listings.